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Helping families with special needs children across the country. We provide advocacy services to support your child’s learning and social/emotional development needs.

How We Help

Support for Special
Needs Families

Our Services

Tailored Advocacy and Consulting

Determining eligibility for special education services and assisting during the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process. Representing children with mild to severe needs.

Customized Advocacy and Consulting

Specialized Services

Comprehensive support for special needs families through initial consultations, records reviews, and follow-up services.


Initial Consultation

Your Starting Point

Formal intake interview and case review to discuss concerns and goals. Develop and explain the next steps.


Records Review

Comprehensive Analysis

Complete review of school records. Comprehensive analysis of student’s needs. Recommendations for updates or adjustments.


Follow-Up Services

Ongoing Support

Observation of student at school and/or other settings. Interviews with teachers, other school staff, doctors, therapists, etc. Letter/email writing. Attendance at IEP, 504, and other meetings with parent.

What age groups and ranges of needs do your services cater to?

We represent children, adolescents, teens, and adults of all ages, from infants and toddlers to older adults, with a range of needs, from mild disabilities to those requiring residential treatment facilities.

What is the role of an educational consultant and advocate in the special education process?

As an educational consultant and advocate, we guide families through the special education process, help them understand their rights under the law, and ensure their child receives appropriate support and resources. We provide assistance with the IEP process and work collaboratively with schools.

How can your services help my child receive the appropriate support and resources?

Our services focus on understanding your child's unique needs and ensuring they receive the necessary resources and accommodations for success. We help you navigate the IEP process, communicate effectively with school personnel, and advocate for your child's rights under special education law.

What services do you provide after reviewing my child's records?

We provide a complete review of school records, comprehensive analysis of the student’s needs, and recommendations for updates or adjustments. Additionally, we can observe the student at school and/or other settings, conduct interviews with teachers, other school staff, doctors, therapists, etc., and assist with letter/email writing and meeting attendance.

Can your services help determine if my child is eligible for special education services?

Yes, as advocates and consultants, we can help you determine if your child is eligible for special education services and assist you during the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process.

What is compensatory education and how does it work?

Compensatory education refers to additional services provided to students to make up for services they should have received under their Individualized Education Program (IEP) but did not. The goal of compensatory education is to help the student attain the level of progress they would have achieved if the services had been delivered as initially planned.

What does the mediation process involve in the context of special education?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which parents and school districts attempt to resolve disagreements regarding a student's special education program. An impartial mediator facilitates the process and helps both parties come to a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediation can address issues such as the student's eligibility for special education, the services provided in the IEP, or disputes over specific educational strategies or approaches.

When is a re-evaluation necessary and what does it involve?

Re-evaluations are usually conducted every three years, or more frequently if the child's parent or teacher requests it or if conditions warrant it. A re-evaluation assesses the child's current academic, social, and emotional status, and helps determine whether any changes need to be made to the IEP. The re-evaluation may involve assessments, observations, interviews, and a review of the student's records.

What other key aspects do educational advocates work on?

Educational advocates assist with various facets of the special education process. They can help with understanding evaluations and assessments, developing and implementing effective IEPs, negotiating services and accommodations, and ensuring the child's rights are respected. Advocates also support families during meetings with the school and may provide guidance in disputes or legal matters related to special education.

How can an advocate assist in the IEP review process?

An advocate can help review the IEP document, clarify terms and services, and ensure the plan aligns with the student's needs. They can assist in setting appropriate goals, identifying necessary accommodations, and understanding evaluation results. Additionally, an advocate can attend IEP meetings to ensure the family's concerns are addressed and the student's rights are upheld.

Can you provide services for families who believe their child's educational rights have been violated?

Yes, we can provide support and representation for families who believe their child's educational rights have been violated. This can include reviewing the case, advising on potential courses of action, and advocating on behalf of the child and family in discussions or disputes with the school or district.

What We Offer

Personalized and Comprehensive Support

In-Home and In-Office ADOS-2 Autism Assessments

For All Ages.
Conducted for children, adolescents, teens, and adults to provide a comprehensive understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Complete Review of School Records

Detailed Analysis.
Thorough examination of school records to identify areas needing support and improvement.

Comprehensive Analysis of Student’s Needs

Individualized Recommendations.
Personalized recommendations for educational strategies and adjustments.

and Interviews

Holistic Approach.
Observing students in various settings and interviewing key individuals involved in their education.

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